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we set a high value on working with mezcal brands that respect and support the traditional way of producing mezcal. every bottle is produced in an artisanal way and with every bottle sold, the local farmers are directly supported.


help us to protect and value this spiritual and traditional mezcal production.



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our brand

agua de dios imports high-quality and handmade mezcals from small-scale mexican productions. in fact, importing means more to us than just bringing a product to the person. we see our role as sharing the beautiful tradition and knowledge of the complex production of mezcal.


about our team

we found our passion for mezcal on our journey through the mexican state of oaxaca. today we are proud to bring a piece of mexico to switzerland. 

who we are >>

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all about mezcal

the production of one bottle of mezcal carries much tradition, culture and passion in it. therefore, it is worth knowing all about the plant and the production of mezcal.

find out all about mezcal >>


mexican negroni

3 cl mezcal

3 cl campari

3 cl vermouth rosso


mezcal mule

5 cl mezcal

3 cl limejuice

2 cl agavesugar or syrup

ginger beer


mezcal sour

4 cl mezcal

2 cl lemonjuice

2 cl sugar syrup

2 cl eggwhite

1-2 dashes bitters

1 orange zest (garnish)


check out all our recipes and find out where to find out mezcal in Zurich >> 

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