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agua de dios' vision as a brand is to convey knowledge and appreciation of the mezcal production, to bring people together and to create unforgettable moments.


agua de dios goes beyond the bottle


we see our role in sharing the beautiful tradition and knowledge of the complex production of mezcal. we want to transport the enjoyment and appreciation of this special drink and grant a sense of community, joy and culture. together we want to create unforgettable moments.

«sharing cultures»


we are all responsible to care for our mother earth. therefore, we only work with producers who take their responsibility towards nature and people seriously. our keypoints are the following:

25% of the profit of every bottle sold goes directly to the farmers on site. 

we are part of climeworks in order to support the development of technologies that have a positive impact on our planet.

most of the agaves are difficult to cultivate. this makes it hard for human beings to create monocultures. 


while travelling together through mexiko, we connected not only to each other, but definitely to the production of mezcal. we share a lot of memories as well as a fascination to explore cultures, traditions and immerse ourselves into the culinary world of foreign countries.  but nothing has ever caught our attention as intensely as mezcal. That's why we founded our collective in 2021 and are now able to share our passion with you.


we are proud to combine different interests, skills and nationalities.
most importantly; mexican blood is represented in our team!

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